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Criteria of entering the Scheme

  1. Employers who have been declined insurance cover by at least three Employee’s Compensation Insurers* (“ECI”); or 
  2. In seeking cover, the premium rates quoted by insurers are 30% over the corresponding premium benchmark rates of the relevant High Risk Groups (“HRG”) specified by the Scheme. (Employers have to provide written confirmation from the insurers concerned.) 

*Provided that the non-availability of insurance is not by reason of the employer failing to pay premiums due or meet statutory requirements on occupational health and safety imposed as a condition of the grant of insurance.


Application Procedure

Employers should provide the following information/documents:

  1. The completed proposal form (For HRG, please also fill in the supplementary document.)
  2. Three recent decline letters/emails/fax issued by each writing ECI which stated that they refuse to provide the EC cover, including the documents provided by the existing insurer:
    not invite to renewal notice and
    its policy coverage
  3. MPF statements (latest 6 months)
  4. Copy of business registration
  5. Claim history for the past five years issued by insurers together with claim document (i.e. Form 2 / Form 5)
  6. Job nature / workflow on daily working operation for all employees
  7. Safety / employee guideline, if any
  8. Audit report / income statement / profit tax return
  9. Annual return / business registration form 1a, if any
  10. Employment contract and valid working visa for foreigner, if any

Note: Please note that the application procedure will take at least ten working days after the receipt of all relevant information / documents. The Scheme may request the applicant to submit additional supporting documents if necessary.